Someone Else's Yesterday: The Confederate General & Connecticut Yankee

"Someone's Else's Yesterday is an amazing journey through the eyes of two people: one a Georgian, the other a Connecticut Yankee.  Similarities between the two go far beyond coincidence.  They think alike, look alike, and even share facial scars.  Half of this equation, Jeffrey J. Keene, is a resent-day Assistant Fire Chief in affluent Westport, Connecticut.  The other, John B. Gordon, Confederate General, Army of Northern Virginia, died January 9, 1904.

Share the struggles of the past and the hopes for tomorrow as Keene weaves a tapestry of mystery and history, of love and the horrors of war.  Jeffrey Keene has no choice but to believe in reincarnation--he lived this remarkable story and every word is true."

From the Back Cover of Someone Else's Yesterday