Fascinating Videos About Past Life Stories, NDEs, and After Death

On the drop down menu are videos I've collected of some of the past life stories I love and want to share, as well as videos about finding your life's purpose, Near Death Experiences (NDEs), and what happens after death.  I hope you enjoy them.  Go back to the Menu Bar to click on the videos.

My fascination with past lives is more than just loving the true stories.  There is a point to it.  If people realize that we all live more than one life, I believe it can change how we think and how we live. 

Here are some of my thoughts about reincarnation, listed somewhat randomly.

      *In exploring reincarnation, we learn that we helped to plan our current life before we were born, and we chose our parents and circumstances on purpose. 

     *We are not victims of haphazard circumstances.

     *Why are some people born into wealth and others into poverty?  How can that be fair--if we live only one time?  But what if we get to experience many different walks of life over many lifetimes? 

     *What if we get a chance to correct behaviors from a previous life?  What if we can perfect talents in another life that we began to learn in the last one? 

  • There is meaning and purpose for our life.
  • We have lived many lives before this one, and we will live many more after we die.
  • Death is not the end of our consciousness, which goes to "heaven" (or whatever you choose to call it) to rest, review what we learned in this life, and eventually plan our next life.
  • The people closest to us have most likely been in our lives before, although relationships change (mother, daughter, father, son, friend), our race and nationality can change, and even our gender from life to life.
  • How can we harbor prejudice against another race if we know that we may be reborn as a member of that race next time?

These ideas just scratch the surface!  Go back to the Menu Bar to click on the videos.