Mission to Millboro by Marge Rieder, Ph.D.

December, 1993

From the back cover:  "Who is John Daniel Ashford?"  This simple question, asked during a routine hypnotherapy session, opened the door to what may well be the most fascinating and challenging story of our time--a story taking place in two centuries!

Not one, but more than fifteen people have been identified--most of them from, in, or near Lake Elsinore, California--who, under hypnosis, can recall, in graphic detail, life in the same little town in rural Virginia during the time of the Civil War!

Over a period of approximately three years, in hundreds of individual taped sessions, the riveting, dramatic story of Mission to Millboro was pieced together.  In addition, through a revolutionary technique in which two or more subjects were regressed together, a wealth of detail came forth as people met again after more than 125 years!

Notes I took on Mission to Millboro